Throughout life we face several crises or conflicts whose manifestations may be more or less intense depending on many factors: from physical discomfort, sadness or anxiety, to psychological or somatic disorders that can prevent us from performing our everday routine. The aim of our first sessions will be to listen and talk to you in order to understand what caused your distress and what is sustaining it. This will be the first step to offer you the best suited therapy.



If your personal or family life is going through a hard time that lasts more than expected or you feel unable to undergo on your own, it is time to ask for help. We will accompany you to rediscover your resources and put them to good use in order to recover your wellness.



If you are facing repeating conflicts, you feel that your relationship is stagnating or coming to an end, there is a lack of communication, too much jealousy, infidelity, sexual problems, violence, etc., we will recommend you a work that fosters clear communication, the expression of needs instead of complaints and the ability to appreciate the value of your partner.

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