“When I feel overwhelmed, too sad, unwilling to do anything, I find it hard to get to sleep or to maintain it, I am with fear or insecurity, I find it hard to concentrate or it is difficult to me to relate to others (colleagues, family, etc.).”

“When my child is restless at school or always daydreaming, it took him too long to speak and walk, he will only say a few words, he gets too bothered by noise, he will not dress himself, he does not pay attention to me, I have to repeat everything a thousand times, she may turn so aggressive when she gets upset that I do not know what to do, she finds it difficult to get to sleep at night, for several months now she performs the same ritual when she comes home, she has many obsessions, etc.”

“When my child’s behavior hinders his learning and development: fears, tics, trouble accepting limits, aggressivity, unwillingness to go to school, medically unexplained pain, lack of attention, bullying, impulsivity, etc.”

"When sharing our troubles and working together with others who also suffer from similar problems can help us to solve them."

“When I do not understand my children when they speak, they do not speak yet, they yell when they talk, they start sentences without finishing them, they find it difficult to express themselves, they confound words, they find it hard to read or write, they cannot pronounce the ‘r’ sound properly, they stutter, they do not tell me what they do at school, etc.”


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